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ECTACO Partner® - EAF430T English <-> Arabic <-> French Dictionary Software Emulator for Windows

This application has all of the functions of the EAF430T handheld electronic dictionary with the exception of pronunciation / voice synthesis. Users can now familiarize themselves with the powerful linguistic features of this electronic dictionary and assess them in action. Main vocabulary (English-French, English-Arabic, French-Arabic bidirectional dictionaries) of approx. 650,000 words, including medical, technical, legal, and business terms, as well as slang, idioms, and general expressions. Just type in the first few letters of a word and the dictionary will automatically display matching entries for you to choose from. When you are unsure of a word?s spelling, simply type in as you hear it, and the Vector Ultima? spell-checker will let you choose a spelling from the suggestions list. Over 1,100 commonly used and essential phrases are divided into 12 topics.


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